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Vampire Attack

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First introduced by SushiSwap to liquidity providers of UniSwap to migrate their liquidity over to Sushi through token and community incentivization.


rP: Receiving platform(e.g. Enso, Sushiswap) sP: Sending platform(E.g. Tokensets, UniSwap) U : User that provides liquidity LPt : Liquidity Pool Token

Steps for migration

  1. U stakes sP LPt on rP
  2. rP publicly notifies of migration date
  3. rP migrates LPt from sP
    1. rP uses approval of U LPt
    2. burns U LPt from sP
    3. obtains underlying tokens from LPt
    4. creates 1:1 replication of LPt on rP
    5. deposits underlying LPt into rP liquidity pool
    6. U gets LPt token from rP
  4. rP activates retroactive distribution based upon TVL migrated

Following this method ensures that platforms continuously have to be at the cutting edge, and build products that their users want. As well as having token incentives aligned with community needs, and governance of the product.

Who is Enso vampire attacking?#