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Enso Token

An introduction to Enso Token Contract#

ENSO ERC20 Contract#

ENSO extends the base ERC-20 standard integrating ERC20VotesComp allowing GovernerBravo integration. Similar to UniSwap, governance can choose to mint a cap of 2% additional supply per year. Governance can vote to increase cap of 2% on one occasion: this is a disaster recovery method.

ENSO ERC20 vs Regular ERC20#
  • Checkpoints on mint(), burn(), transfer()
  • GovernanceBravo available due to Checkpoints
  • Vote delegation by Signature, and generic tx
  • Fixed supply
  • Burning enabled
  • Governance available mint once per year

Audited and open source#

Contract source code can be found in Github repository.
audit can be found here.

have a look at the architecture

Contract Addresses#

ENSO(ERC20)Eth Mainnet0x000