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Token Vesting

An introduction to Enso Token Vesting Contract#

ENSO Vesting Contract#

Utilizing ENSO ERC20 for vesting of Enso team, advisors, and investors.

Enso multisig will approve ERC20 tokens to the Vesting contract, and then register() each address with their _start date and _end date of Vesting. Registered addresses, can claim() their tokens on a block to block basis when necessary.

ENSO Vesting#
  • Multisig register and unregister addresses
  • Relative amount available for time passed can be claimed
  • Emergency function for updating treasury
  • Participants are recommended to stake their claimed Enso

Audited and open source#

Contract source code can be found in Github repository.
audit can be found here.

have a look at the architecture

Contract Addresses#

VestingEth Mainnet0x000