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Liquidity Migration

Liquidity Migration Contracts for Enso Vampire Attack#

ENSO Liquidity Migration Contracts#

Refer to Vampire attack guide prior to reading this documentation, and our medium article.

Indicies are staked in the LiquidityMigration contract, which updates staked value for each staker. Stake cannot be undone, and indicies will be unwrapped when migration occurs. Migration can only occur by calling migrate() from the Enso Multisig. In emergecy cases, Enso Multisig has right to call refund() only a particular stakers index which transfers the staked amount directly back to the stakers wallet.

Liquidity Migration#
  • Approval of indicies into this contract, and then stake funds
  • Stake cannot be undone
  • Emergency refund for staker direct address and amount
  • Underlying values determined through adapter contracts
  • buyAndStake best route on univ2/v3 and sushiv2 to purchase indici and stake
  • Timelock for when migration ends
Open source#

Contract source code can be found in Github repository.

have a look at the architecture

Contract Addresses#

LiquidityMigrationV1Eth Mainnet0x0092DECCA5E2f26466289011ad41465763BeA4cE
LiquidityMigrationV2Eth Mainnet0x0c6D898ac945E493D25751Ea43BE2c8Beb881D8C
MigrationAdapterEth Mainnet0xAf8d0523660A94494c56d5445e7BfE8C61802B59
MigrationCoordinatorEth Mainnet0x6CD0df59370B38261E251Bd786B2f320595005d1
TokenSetAdapterEth Mainnet0x5F2C716D912Ce400a8A49fB87DB722e8257257A7
IndexCoopEth Mainnet0x9c9326C521895c78414BD3C2945e47AFC4Ef16cc
IndexedEth Mainnet0x8F516c0FB0bcF44CFc8D42D60dAD3E4cdb35Ce26
PowerpoolEth Mainnet0x0a883a62660328EAd442EB6c2311668ba9c12e57
PieDAOEth Mainnet0xe149B1f2Ef564A289dc094215835f3c8Df1695aa