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NFT Claiming

An introduction to claiming Enso 1155 NFTs#

NFT Claim#

Custom contact, enabling users who have Staked token from 6 victims on LiquidityMigration contracts to claim NFT. Each victim has it's own unique NFT, and can be viewed on the Vampire Attack guide. When you have staked on Liquidity Migration Contract, you can call Claim() on Claimable with the associated index/LP token you have staked, and also the adapter address for the victim(addresses can be seen below).

Claiming is only available prior to migration.

  • Transfers from appoval of multisig NFT
  • 1 NFT per victim(6)
  • Stake all 6 to get a master NFT, and surprise reveal
  • Batch functionality for claiming all NFTs
  • Burn all remaining approvals remaining from multisig when migration occurs

Open source#

Contract source code can be found in Github repository.

have a look at the architecture

Contract Addresses#

ClaimableEth Mainnet0xE39d9712F3749b9663627331d9BCa15Ac69b6170