EOA & Smart Wallet
Smart Wallet

Contract Account(Smart Wallet)

Applications that enable Smart Wallets to interact with their platform or are an application leveraging Smart Wallets can utilize Enso for all Tokenized Interactions and Non-Tokenized Interactions.

All interactions that are done from a Contract Account will result in the corresponding tokens and state being stored inside of the Contract Account. For example, if a user borrows on Aave, and then leverages the borrowed tokens then the borrowed tokens, leveraged state will be stored and associated to the Contract Account.


Smart Wallets Supported

Enso Smart Wallet

Enso has created a minimal Smart Wallet with bundling technology unrivaled compared to Multicall and Multisend.

Gnosis Safe

The Gnosis Safe implementation can be on their github (opens in a new tab).


The Biconomy implementation can be seen on their github (opens in a new tab). To enable Enso actions throughout your application that leverages Biconomy contracts, you can use the exact same endpoints as gnosis safe as biconomy contracts are a fork of gnosis safe.

Ambire Wallet

Coming soon...


Coming soon...