Enso is the connectivity layer of crypto. Connecting all ecosystems within one network, enabling application developers and users to express their desired outcome as an intent, allowing truly composable applications to be built without the necessity of building manual integrations.

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Shared Network State

Each individual blockchain framework stores individual state data, which is not shared across other blockchain frameworks. For example, if Aave is deployed on Ethereum mainnet and not on Arbitrum, then the state data of Aave on Ethereum mainnet is not shared with Aave on Arbitrum or accessible. Resulting in developers building manual integrations for each blockchain framework, and smart contract.

The Enso Network stores all data required for execution, and data fetching for each smart contract on each framework. In the above example for Aave, Aave is represented as an entity in the graph, and the relevant ChainIDs associated to associate the blockchains that Aave is deployed on. Particular data such as function signatures, inputs, outputs, validation, and getters for state validation are added within the Aave entity.

The underlying action that within the protocol entity is identified as an action type, such as: Lend, Borrow, Swap, NFT, Transfer, Approve, Deposit, Repay, and many more. By having each action type identified, consumption can be easily done, and developers are able to embed more smart contract types into their applications. For example, a LLM wishes to do data harvesting and analysis across all lending protocols, they can easily consume the Lend action type from the Enso Network.


By having a shared network state aware of all information across all blockchain frameworks, developers can now simply express their disired outcome as an intent request. An intent reuqest does not explicitly need to be for only one usecase, it can encompass multiple smart contract interaction types across multiple blockchain frameworks. The Enso Network participants will then build a solution to the request and return the solution to the consumer.