The Enso network builds transactable data used for execution, and can also be consumed for fetching data for an associated smart contract on any blockchain framework. It is the all seeing, and aware network.

You can build however, wherever, and whatever using Enso.


Below are a few examples of products we see being built consuming only data on the Enso Network:

  • DeFi metadata API
  • NFT metadata API
  • Large language models for data harvesting and analysis
  • Smart contract interaction data analytics
  • Google maps for smart contracts
  • Interpretation and contexualization of onchain information
  • and many more…

Transactable data

Below are a few examples of products we see being built consuming only for transactable data on the Enso Network:

  • AI execution bot to act on a consumers behalf
  • Smart contract interaction automation
  • DePIN consolidation
  • Swap aggregator
  • Lending aggregator
  • NFT aggregator
  • Cross chain bridge aggregator
  • and many more…

It should be made aware as all smart contracts, and their relationships with each other are available for consumption through the Enso network, the types of applications that can be built on Enso are limitless, and future proof. If a new innovative primitive of blockchain technology is released, it can be easily integrated into the Enso network, and consumed by developers.


At Enso we want to support all developers that are building on the Enso Network. If you have an incredibly innovative idea, or need help building on the Enso Network you can join our dedicated telegram channel where we can assist in any questions, and even offer grants to help build. We are here to support you, and your vision.