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The Enso intent engine is the worlds first shared network state for building transactable data across any blockchain framework.

Enabling developers to build products that interact with any Smart Contracts on any blockchain framework with ease.

Problem: Usability

Developers before using Enso were required to manually integrate blockchain frameworks, and write smart contracts to interact with other smart contracts, understand each smart contract’s nuances and build customized infrastructure to maintain their integration. This process is time-consuming, error-prone, and requires a deep understanding of the underlying blockchain framework where the smart contract’s are deployed.

Solution: Enso

Now with Enso, developers can interact with one source that abstracts all complexities of interacting with smart contracts. This is achieved through a shared network state that stores and builds all smart contract interactions across blockchains, rollups and rollapps to be consumed for execution. Below we give a brief insight into the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem, presenting the continued challenges for developers to build applications.

The Enso infrastructure is available through a centralized API as of today, and the decentralized network is currently in testnet phase. The Enso network is as a layer-1 tendermint based blockchain built using the cosmos sdk.

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To learn more about the Network, check out the Network Intro page.