Graphers build algorithms to solve consumer requests by combining smart contract abstractions into executable bytecode. They continuously seek optimal solutions, as only the best one is selected for execution. Graphers work with validators and action providers to ensure solution accuracy and validity, maintaining a comprehensive map of smart contract interactions across blockchains.

Function and Role

Graphers use abstractions provided by action providers to create pathways that fulfill consumer intents. This simplifies blockchain interactions by focusing on desired outcomes rather than specific steps.

Incentives and Rewards

Graphers participate in a competitive environment where they are rewarded for providing the best solution. They earn a share of consumption fees, which motivates them to optimize their algorithms. In this competitive setup, Graphers can capture value by delivering the best result while also securing a piece of the reward for themselves, similar to how solvers operate.


Graphers are crucial to the Enso network, simplifying blockchain interactions and enabling developers to engage with decentralized applications across multiple blockchains. Their contributions enhance the network’s usability and efficiency.