Action providers are developers who publish smart contract abstractions on the Enso Network. These abstractions are used by Graphers to build algorithms that solve consumer requests. Action providers are incentivized to create high-quality abstractions that are secure, efficient, and easy to use.

Function and Role

Developers contribute smart contract abstractions to the Enso network, enabling Graphers to construct pathways that fulfill consumer intents. These pre-defined modules describe interactions with specific smart contracts, simplifying blockchain interactions for end users.

Incentives and Rewards

Developers earn rewards based on the usage of their abstractions. Whenever their contributions are used in solutions generated by Graphers, they receive a share of the fees. This system incentivizes the creation of robust, secure, and efficient abstractions.


Action providers are crucial to the Enso network, supplying essential building blocks for Graphers. Their contributions enhance the functionality, security, and efficiency of the network, supporting a wide range of decentralized applications across multiple blockchains.