Routing Strategy Options

Routing Strategy Options

Inside of the route (opens in a new tab) endpoint, there are three options for routingStrategy: ensowallet, router and delegate. Each of these options are explained below, and have their own particular usecase.

For approving each type of routing strategy option, you can pass inside of the approval endpoint (opens in a new tab) with the desired routing option.


router: is a single contract, which can be seen as the universal router for all interactions that are tokenized.

Address: 0x80EbA3855878739F4710233A8a19d89Bdd2ffB8E (opens in a new tab)

Recommended usecase:

  1. EOAs


delegate: returns calldata in the form of delegateCalls, which allows tokenized and non-tokenized. Enabling all state of the smart account to remaiin in the smart account, and not in the router.

Recommended usecase:

  1. Smart Account

Enso Wallet

ensowallet: returns calldata for deploying a Enso smart account, and executing all the logic inside of the smart account in the same transaction. Possible for tokenized and non-tokenized.

Recommended usecase:

  1. New smart account if you aren't already using another service