What is the Metadata API?

The Metadata API is an information gateway, providing essential data about ENSO's supported tokens, protocols, and DeFi opportunities. By utilizing a REST API, it offers you an easy way to tap into multi-chain DeFi possibilities and essential metadata.

Incorporate the Metadata API into your applications to seamlessly access thousands of DeFi opportunities tied to specific tokens or wallet addresses. It is a reliable tool for exploring ENSO's diverse range of supported tokens and protocols, extending your DeFi opportunities.

The API also offers crucial details about the ENSO Wallet, like its address and deployment status, to ensure an efficient interaction with ENSO's DeFi solutions.

With the Metadata API, you get an easy-to-use, reliable tool that simplifies your navigation through the complex DeFi ecosystem, enabling you to optimize your DeFi strategies.


Try it out:

👉 Run this curl request to see all the tokens and tokens supported by ENSO:

curl -X 'GET' \
  '' \

👉 Try it on swagger (opens in a new tab)