React Hooks Library
Getting started

Enso React Hooks

For easy integration of enso infrastructure, we offer a react hooks library called use-defi.


  • Search through available positions on Enso based on tokens and protocols.
  • Easily run transactions without setup.
  • Integrates using wagmi to run transactions.
  • Built using typescript.


The following dependencies are required in order to use use-defi.

  • react-dom & react >= 18
  • react-query >= 3.39
  • viem >= 1.2.15
  • wagmi >= 1.3.9

Getting started

Install as: npm i @ensofinance/use-defi

Add context provider

In your application, wrap your page/application components in the UseDeFiProvider

Ensure that the UseDeFiProvider is added inside the WagmiConfig provider.

  // ...
    <WagmiConfig config={config}>
      <UseDeFiProvider apiKey="<your api key>">
  // ...


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